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What is the purpose of a paper bag?

We believe in

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

Our Vision:

We aspire to be the most valued company in the world for producing biodegradable paper bags with flexibility in customization and serving immense possibilities for our customers.

Our Mission:

We believe in - “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”.
We consistently make efforts to provide our clients with innovative and personalized solutions through our end-to-end packaging and branding solutions with sustainable business practices and strive to enrich the lives of our employees, clients, and communities. Read more

Our Ideology:

The dire need for the world's number one consumer product, shopping bags that do irreparable harm to our environment with their plastic essence. We at Onlinepaperbags, ways. realizing this, focused on making the necessary efforts to restore it in our subtle ways. Read more

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Building Relationships

We believe in building people, which eventually brings us business. We listen to our customers, understand what they are looking for , and deliver products that are not only the right fit for their brand but also help them grow faster. Read more

Customized Designs and Handmade Paper Bags

We provide tailor-made solutions that meet our client’s requirements and brand essentials and help in increasing their profitability and client base. Read more

Creative and Innovative Solutions

With our R&D team, we bring unique solutions for every client requirement.


We have become stronger as
a company along with our family.

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What people Say

Arvind Gumber - Managing Director

have been an avid promoter of paper over plastic, and I have always been keen on saving mother nature. It was great to associate with online paper bags that believe in the same vision as mine. Our every need h…

Aniket Wagh - Managing Director

We are key mechanical manufacturers and produce products of the highest quality. We have grown into a brand with their innovative branding strategies offered by their young and creative team.

Manmeet - Managing Director

Being a competitive international school, Delhi Public Schools (DPS) has top-notch requirements. Our entire needs have been taken care of by Onlinepaperbags right from the beginning of our school. They have al…

Manjeet Singh - Managing Director

When it comes to service, I completely trust Onlinepaperbags, as I love the way they treat us with dignity, despite being in the same industry. Using their handmade paper bags that served as a brand, our reven…

Happy Gulati - Managing Director

We share a personal bond with Onlinepaperbags, as they understand our unique requirements and help us expand our customer base tremendously with their customized designs and we hope our relationship grows into…